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Conservation Philosophy

Entabeni Safari Conservancy, situated at “Hanglip” mountain, has played a pivotal role over the last few years in several conservation projects in the Waterberg. The owners and management team placed great emphasis on restoring and rehabilitating the reserve area and its incumbent wildlife species. Entabeni has instituted three predator research projects with lion and cheetah reintroductions and the ongoing leopard survey. Further work is being done with disease-free buffalo breeding, as well as Sable and Roan projects on other reserve areas. Entabeni’s role in the area includes building and posturing relationships with the local Pedi-communities and with its other neighbours.

Entabeni’s conservation team cooperate with all spheres of the wildlife management agencies locally and internationally in order to maximise expertise in the planning and management of conservation projects. Further to this, surveys are under way focusing on smaller species to be found on the reserve. Several rock paintings and etchings have also been discovered and a research project of rock paintings in the Waterberg has been initiated.

Entabeni views its role with passion and an abiding commitment to the ethos of the wilderness, providing a unique experience to the visitor in unlocking the secrets of the wilderness of the Waterberg to the benefit of all.

The Rhino Orphanage

“World’s First Dedicated Rhino Orphanage

Legend Golf & Safari Resort is home to the first specialist, dedicated, non-commercial centre to care for baby rhinos – The Rhino Orphanage.

Opened in summer 2012, the orphanage takes in baby rhinos with the sole aim of raising them and releasing them back into the wild one day.

The orphanage consists of a series of specially built enclosures and camps and is manned by a group of dedicated full time staff supported by volunteers who work for a minimum of six months.

The centre is not open to the public to ensure that the rhinos can be protected and rehabilitated. Managing the orphanage in this manner gives them the very best chance of survival and to ultimately be released back into the wild. The Rhino Orphanage has been established as a not-for-profit charity with all donations going directly to fund the centre, as well as the care and rehabilitation of the rhinos.

Legend Wildlife & Cultural Centre

This unique centre is situated at Legend Golf & Safari Resort and facilitates Environmental Education and Endangered Wildlife Research. The centre also offers conservation programmes and currently manages a white lion and disease-free buffalo breeding project.

All the species resident at the project are recognised within the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as being most in need of conservation attention if global extinction rates are to be reduced.

White Lion Project

The rare opportunity to come face to face with the gatekeepers to the ancient African kingdoms awaits at Legend’s Wildlife & Cultural Centre. Learn more about these majestic creatures, why they are endangered and the breeding project itself as you view them on their purpose-built island in the scenic bush. You will also get to meet “Mapimpan”, the lively youngster left to die at four days old after a violent attack by a dominant male lion at Entabeni Safari Conservancy. This inspirational tale will leave you in awe of this lion with the heart of a survivor.

Disease-free Buffalo Project

Come face to face with some of Africa’s most unpredictable, dangerous yet majestic animals. Watch them feed from the safety of a game viewing vehicle while you learn all about why the buffalo has earned its place as one of the famous Big 5 and what this special project entails.