Learn more about Legend’s holistic approaches to sustaining the environment, preserving cultural heritage & conservation.

Legend Sustainability


    • All our old linen & towels are recycled into washing cloths used by the staff members.
    • Uniforms are turned into staff-headboards, and carpets as well as for volunteers.
    • Old curtains and off-cuts of fabric & vinyl are handmade into luggage for re-sale in curio shops.
    • All oil used at each property is turned into biodiesel for re-use purposes.
    • We recycle our plastic which is also turned into biodiesel.
    • All additional waste is being re-sold to recyclers at the nearest town (glass, paper, metal, electronics).
    • Composting –     
            • Food-scraps
            • Egg-containers
            • Horse-manure
            • Garden refuse
            • Used filter coffee
            • Ash from boma-fires burnt
    • We collect all used Tea-bags to turn into Fire starters for fireplaces or boma’s
    • Event-bikes are used again to provide extra FREE activity for all guests onsite on our property, encouraging cycling around vs driving.
    • Used/discontinued thatching into erosion-plugs.


    • Each of our properties has Solar and/or gas backup in case of a power outage.
    • We use Biodiesel for all our generator back-up.
    • We use 50% Biodiesel in our fuel for on-site vehicles.
    • All our light globes are replaced by LED lights.
    • All machines that cannot be fixed are replaced with energy-efficient ones.
    • Laundry, refuse, etc. are done on-site & not transferred off-site.
    • Permanent staff members are living on-site & are not transferred to & from town.
    • We use our horses instead of cars for on-site patrols.
    • Timers on all appliances used with solar.


    • On-site maintenance fixes leaking taps immediately.
    • We have a Guest towels and Linen-saving-procedure in place.
    • We do not dispose our oils into a drain but rather reuse it in SUMPYS for biodiesel. (Staff, students & guests)
    • Our gardens are filled with indigenous plants and are watered by a drip irrigation-system.
    • Water-stations / bottles on-site are no plastic bottles.


    • Our Group’s system BACK-UPS are ELECTRONIC only with all hardcopies scanned in.
    • All properties and camps has signal which gives guests/clients option to e-mail slip and not print.
    • All meetings are paperless (via Zoom/ Teams mostly) and only with own notebooks if necessary.
    • All properties/camps only have 1 x printer on each site and uses no more than 1 x paper-ream per month.
    • We have a Tree-planting – option given at booking and check-out phase to each client to minimise carbon-use of holiday.
    • Cars on-site only allowed to drive on roads & thus preventing further damage to our bushveld.
    • Tree-planting activity given to each tour-operator as part of proposed itinerary and included in activity – list of each property/camp.
    • All guest- interactive communications are permanent-printing on long-lasting material & not on paper, eg. Sleep-stories.


      • Legend would love to have Bee-hives on each site providing pure honey at each property.
      • We are aiming to have our own Tea-plantation to support local people & providing our homegrown tea at each property.
      • Self-sustaining Vegetable gardens for each restaurant.
      • Each staff member gifted the items below for personal use on property:
      • Shopping bag
      • Cup


    • We support local suppliers for all maintenance/construction items.
    • All our food & beverages are being supplied by locals only.
    • Only biodegradable cleaning supplies are used.
    • All guest amenities in rooms are refillable thus reducing waste.
    • All our renovation- and major-interior-projects are repurposed between 50- and 75% recycled materials.
    • 100% of all Staff are Southern African.
    • On-site ice machines provide all ice and thus we save energy, water & fossil fuels


Physical Address:

Legend Luxury Resort Villas

Haakdoring Road

Sterkrivier – Waterberg Region


Tel: +27 (0) 12 443 6700

WhatsApp: +27 (0) 81 530 0144