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It’s a dream many people cherish; the possibility of owning their own piece of unspoiled bushveld. Making this dream a reality might be easier to achieve than many people may think. Owning a piece of Legend Golf & Safari Resort is not merely another investment, but rather an investment in a legacy-in-the-making.

Legend Golf & Safari Resort offers individuals the chance to take part in a variety of freehold investment opportunities. So whether you want a unique investment property, a freehold stand, bush living, a holiday home, or to enjoy the benefits of our Private Residence Club, there are various options available.

Plots & Residences

With the option to invest in a piece of property, directly from the developer, you are able to avoid transfer fees and commissions, whilst gaining access to a fully serviced stand. Currently, there are still a few stands available for sale in the second and third phases of the development, with prices starting from R2 million, depending on the stand size and location. Houses are sold on a full title premise to potential owners with compulsory membership of the Home Owners Association.

Rental Pool Options

Owners have a further option of placing their house into a Rental Pool Scheme with financial benefits to the owner. This can either be the full house, including the main living area with five bedrooms, or otherwise four bedrooms of the house only. Being part of a rental pool ensures that investors receive an annual return on investment.

Investing now, at the current stage of development, will most definitely be less costly than investing later. So make your dream a reality and own a piece of awe-inspiring bushveld at Legend and become part of the legacy that is Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

For more information please contact or +27 (0) 15 453 9000

Fractional Ownership & Timeshare

Legend Vacation Club at Monomotapa Village is a new development comprising the timeshare and shared ownership component within Legend Golf and Safari Resort. For a fraction of the cost of an outright ownership, investors are now able to enjoy the extensive range of recreational facilities available within Legend Golf and Safari Resort by acquiring timeshare weeks and shared ownerships in Monomotapa Village