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Legend African Foundation

Legend African Foundation operates as a non-profitable entity and strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives by taking responsibility for the empowerment and upliftment of those most at risk of social exclusion. Its work is designed to make a positive difference to the lives of those communities surrounding Legend Golf & Safari Resort and Entabeni Safari Conservancy in the Waterberg region, through poverty alleviation, skills development and empowerment through education. For more information please visit our website on


Legend African Foundation reflects the company’s passionate drive to make a difference through working with communities to change the lives of those who are less fortunate.

It strives to:

  • Create a sustainable financial framework to operate existing and new projects.
  • Focus on the development of previously disadvantaged communities through sport, skills development and other disciplines.
  • Assist in the social upliftment of all the surrounding communities.

The Foundation has a reputation for creating successful, sustainable community development initiatives in South Africa.

For more information or to get involved, please contact

Foundation Projects

Legend Hospitality Group is proud of its social responsibility and charitable work. The dedicated Legend team is always looking for ways to assist and generate awareness for charities close to their hearts.

Past projects include:

67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

Legend Hospitality Group joined the KnitWit revolution in 2014 and pledged to deliver blankets for the needy in honour of Nelson Mandela by 18 July each year. The Foundation involved staff from all the departments across the property and a few residents from the area who assisted in knitting, sewing and crocheting blankets. The blankets knitted in 2015 were handed out to children and grandmothers in the Sterkrivier community. Central Reservations Office and the Zebra Country Lodge team took their blankets to the Dynamic Women for Children Care Centre in Kameelfontein.

Supporting the Schools

The Foundation has supported the Schaaphok Primary School and the Sterkrivier Combined School over the last few years and keep doing so each year. This includes supplying them with stationary hampers, vegetable seeds, trays and compost. The vegetables are used to feed the children in the hostel as there is no provision for dinner. Sterkrivier School teaches 30 primary school children and 95 high school children.

Computer School

The computer school trains students from the neighbouring communities in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as basic computer operational knowledge. The weekly classes also include a short typing lesson for all the students in the class. Staff from The Rhino Orphanage, as well as Wildlife & Cultural Centre employees are involved as instructors.

Life Skills Project

The Foundation launched this project to teach life skills to the community’s children. The project aims to improve the confidence levels and skills of these children. The children are educated on several life skills, including baking, sewing, knitting, carpentry, tool-use, self-appreciation, family planning, guest relations, animal care and conservation.

Legend Foundation Musical Performers

The Legend Foundation Musical Performers initiative was launched several years ago with the aim of empowering the community’s children with a basic knowledge music and performing, but more to this to serve as an extra income to the families of those involved.

The Pedi Cultural Village performances serves as a platform for these young musicians to showcase their talents and newly acquired musical skills.

The performers of this initiative have been entertaining several conference and leisure groups at Legend Golf & Safari Resort and Entabeni Safari Conservancy. While Marimba and Djembe Drumming are the favourites amongst guests, all performers practice for three hours on Friday afternoons to ensure a memorable performance every time.

Sports Academy and Training

The Foundation has sourced staff members within Legend Golf & Safari Resort to assist with hockey and cricket coaching for the students on a weekly basis. With donated funds, the Foundation has acquired hockey sticks and balls, as well as cricket bats, stumps and training balls.

Santa Shoebox

Over the past two years, Legend employees have pledged a few boxes per year for the Santa Shoebox Project. A Santa Shoebox is often a child’s only gift for the year, and is usually filled with both useful and fun items. From 24 boxes in 2013, Legend Hospitality Group’s staff from various units pledged 118 boxes for the underprivileged children and teens in the Pretoria area in 2014. The Legend team exceeded their target by eight boxes, which were donated to the Santa Shoebox Project as extras.