Extreme 19th at night


THERE are few more iconic holes in the world of golf than The Extreme 19th.

Sometimes you think it has done it all – featured in many of the world’s lists of top golf holes, attracted media coverage all across the globe, been played by famous professional and amateur golfers – and then another idea comes along.

When Sony got together with Legend Golf & Safari Resort to plan an event to celebrate the launch of the new Xperia X there was a spark of light – the Extreme 19th at night.

A Sony representative, TV crew, photographer, Glen Hodgson from The Parlotones, three VIP guests and expert field guide Lee Gutteridge were chosen to fly up in the late afternoon, pitch camp on the mountain and stay overnight. A ground crew was also needed to light the edge of the Africa-shaped green.

Once darkness set in the first glowing balls soared into the starry African sky. Legend Golf & Safari Resort director of public relations, Pete Richardson, said: “We have always toyed with the idea of playing the Extreme 19th at night and when we got together with Sony, the chemistry was there. To see the balls lighting up the sky and flying towards the illuminated shape of Africa below was simply incredible.”

The glowing balls worked perfectly thanks to night golf specialists Firefly Golf who supplied the lights round the green and the balls – which were amazingly visible for all of their 400m journey to the green.

Multiple golf Guinness World Record holder, Heinrich du Preez, was one of the specially invited guests. He said: “I have done some amazing things in golf, but this has to be the most amazing experience ever. The views were spectacular under the full moon and to see the glowing balls arcing into the night sky and down to the specially lit green is something I will never forget. It was a great privilege to be in the first group to play one of the world’s most famous holes at night. I cant wait to do it again.”

Glen from The Parlotones, who is no stranger to bright lights, was equally impressed: “I love my golf and it’s hard enough in the daytime. But this was the weirdest and probably the best golf experience I have ever had. I have played under lights so many times, but never with lights. Awesome.”

The Sony Xperia X had a fitting launch with its superb camera and video capability – capturing the moments on a night none of those present will ever forget – another world-first at Legend Golf & Safari Resort.


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