Football Braveheart Joins the Legend Team

Football, conservation & giving back have one thing in common – Gordon Gilbert.

This ex-professional footballer has joined hands with the Legend African Foundation to raise awareness around conservation through this widely loved sport.

After his participation in the BCX SuperSport Shootout at Legend Golf & Safari Resort in May this Scottish-South African decided to join our team and mission in building towards a brighter Africa. In July he received a very warm welcome from our very own football teams: The Lions, The Tigers, The Legends, BASSOPA and The Cheetahs consisting of employees from Entabeni Safari Conservancy & Legend Golf & Safari Resort.


We sat down with him and asked him questions about life, passion and of course, football.


To whom or what do you credit your incredible passion for people and wildlife?

“I believe I was born with a love and passion for wildlife.  I have always been interested in all the different species and wilderness areas from a young age.  I also believe I have a huge compassion for wildlife and their wellbeing.  We are privileged to have them at our door step and really need to do everything in our power to protect and conserve our heritage.

Having said all that, my Father was the reason I fell in love with the bush at an early age, we share the same passion.”


You are one of a few celebrities who voluntarily dedicate your time to make a difference on grassroots level. Why is that?

“I feel we have social responsibilities to influence everywhere we possibly can in a positive way.   Changing the minds of people is easy if you live your life by example.

We are in the fortunate position to be able to make a difference, although it may be small, I truly believe it has a rippling effect. “


What do you wish to accomplish in your role as a Legend African Foundation ambassador and what encouraged you to become involved?

“I am proud to be part of such an established and successful brand.  I am happy to work alongside like-minded individuals that share the same passion as I do and feel we can make great headway positively leaving a legacy and contributing to the success of protecting and conserving our heritage.

We need to leave this land one day in a way we will be proud of, the contribution we make is vital!”


What is your message to young South Africans striving to succeed in life?

“Keep it simple, and do your very best.  Never give up on your dreams and always strive to better yourself in every way.  Keep level headed and always believe. If you follow these simple yet imperative guidelines in life you will reduce room for disappointment or regret and you will succeed in whatever your heart desires.”


To whom do you dedicate your success?

“I was born with a God-given talent like everyone else in the world, but through my hard work and dedication along with favour from our Greater Power I have managed to become successful in my childhood dream to be a professional footballer.

My family were always so supportive and willing to walk the road to success with me.  Which was very tough at times but well worth it I must say.”


unnamed (5)We are honoured to have Gordon on board and excited for what lies ahead. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more.