Bloodline: Now or Never


The first action adventure film highlighting the rhino poaching war.

“ACTION” is the director’s instruction on any film set to start shooting. It’s also the core ingredient in any film, the drama which grips the audience and drives the content of the feature.

Bloodline: Now or Never, which is due for global release in late 2016 or early 2017, teamed up with the world’s first dedicated rhino orphanage not only to give authenticity to the film, but to help raise awareness of the ongoing war on poaching.

Bloodline has been filmed entirely on location in South Africa, including scenes shot in Limpopo at The Rhino Orphanage (TRO) and Entabeni Safari Conservancy.

While the poaching crisis has been the subject of many news stories and documentaries, Bloodline is the first feature film to have at its core a plot line surrounding the human and animal tragedy unfolding every day, affecting the lives of those who care for and protect these now endangered animals.

With an international cast, the film has adopted The Rhino Orphanage as a beneficial charity following the visit to the project based at Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Limpopo.

TRO director, Pete Richardson, said the project should help to raise more awareness when it is released and that the orphanage was proud to be able to help with a couple of key scenes.

He said: “While the rehabilitation project is not open to the public we are always keen to help when we can see that the bigger picture is served by us giving controlled access to those with conservation as a key aim of their work.

“The massive crew on site were understanding enough to cut down to just a couple of key people who we allowed to film for a short time and this in no way impacted on the daily routines of the rhino in our care.”

The action adventure motion picture is helmed by South African filmmaker and Academy Award® nominee Darrell Roodt, and produced by Tariku Bogale – who plays the lead role of a special-forces captain and anti-poaching crusader. Bogale’s “Gabriel” goes on the rampage to take vengeance for the murder of his partner in conservation, and takes on a fight against one of the world’s most heinous crimes: the wholesale slaughter of rhino for commercial profit through selling the horn, predominantly in the East.

The plot in the screenplay, co-written by Bogale and Roodt, takes the audiences on a hard-hitting journey into the complex network of the illegal wildlife trade and highlights the devastating impact the demand for rhino horn has on both human and animal lives.

Bogale, who has a reputation as a “serial entrepreneur” and visionary in the business community, identified The Rhino Orphanage as a natural charity beneficiary of the film, along with further global Wildlife organizations.

He said: “While our film is an action adventure for global cinema audiences, the action element engages the theme of good versus evil in a war with global relevance, and as filmmakers we are acutely aware that the horrific events we portray in our story are happening every week in South Africa. It was a massive privilege for us to be permitted to shoot at a real orphanage and we hope that the film will assist The Rhino Orphanage directors to continue their successful work in conservation and maintaining the safe haven that they have created for baby Rhino.

Bloodline: Now or Never is produced by Tariku Bogale and his team at Dual Films. The film will have its World Premiere at a major international Film Festival, with a theatrical release in South Africa.

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